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Sunday, November 30, 2008

An unexpected date

I finished work early on Friday. My date came to pick me up. We had agreed on a late lunch appointment. Seremban is so small, there's hardly any place you can go to "pak tor" (date).

He had some Starbucks coupons and thought maybe I'd like to go there for a drink. I told him to save it for his friends as I was not much of a coffee drinker. Then he mentioned a makan (eating) place called Manhattan Fish Market. He has not been there for a long time. I reminded him that we were there on the 11 of September this year. It seemed like a long time to him and he wanted to take me there for lunch.

So we went to Jusco. At 3.30pm, we thought there were ample parking spaces, but we were proven wrong. We ended up parking at the rooftop area.

As we were going down the escalators, we passed by the cinema. I haven't stepped into the cinema since ... 2 or 3 years back, when they were showing Narnia. I wasn't a movie fan. He said that it was a long time since I watched a movie with him. I said that he didn't want to watch with me. He then said that he would watch one with me, just name a movie. Instantly I told him that I would want to watch Madagascar. His expression was so comical. I quickly changed my mind and said.. Quantum of Solace. He was overjoyed and quickly booked the tickets.

Here's proof that I actually went to see the show. My second time stepping into Jusco's TGV cinema.

The show was scheduled for 5pm and it was only 4pm. We had lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market. We met Phillip and he joined us for a drink.

At 15minutes to 5pm, we went up to the cinema. I felt so weird. I wasn't sure what I was doing there. After a while, I relaxed and started enjoying the show. My expectations were very high. I think it could have been a better movie. The fire shown in the movie reminded me of Universal Studios. I could imagine how they created the fire scene.

Anyway, it's not so much of the movie nor the food. I really enjoyed spending time with this handsome hunk. :)


Jian said...

HAHAHAHA...Aunt Eunice,I think I know who was your date...Hehe...
Uncle Michael?
So sweet...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would have chosen Madagascar 2, I'm a huge fan of Madagascar 1 :)

I haven't seen the new one yet but I definitely have to see it!

Anonymous said...

he watch Bond twice!!!! The hunk huh!! i need to knock his head la, date go and watch some nice feeling movie la, not action pack.

ok, at least he didn't choose Twilight.

want to watch Madagascar2 & Bolz & Igor, but seem odd watching alone. Sure your hunk will give me a look if I ask him, so can ask you huh?? ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

i think i am getting old. your hunk initiated the Bond movie watching among the guys, but he can't join. only realise when tlaking to him during Monday makan.

ya, he give me a funny look, when i say lets go for Madagascar.

euniceta said...

Steve - Maybe you can suggest watching Madagascar to the guys, then I can get a chance to watch the show too :)