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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stage Dressing - Day 1

On Sunday, we took out all the props and papier -mached wallpaper in preparation for Tuesday's stage dressing. After 1 year of storing it in the cabin, the props and wallpaper were filthy. We called a few guys to help us transfer them to the educational block.

Yesterday, we started the dressing up the stage. Rachel kept last year's (and year before last too) wallpaper and we decided to use it for this year's musical. First we sorted out the different toned "walls", then we placed them onto the makeshift stage.

We had a lot of help especially from the youths. About 15 of us helped either at the stage section or creating and painting the props.

My parents helped a lot by making papier-mached vases and clay pots. They did this last week and yesterday a few of us painted them.

Tomorrow will be the 2nd Day of Stage Dressing. We hoped to complete covering the stage with wallpapers (1/4 more to go) and then concentrate on creating clouds with fibre.

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