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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Parents' Garden

Recently I took a closer look at my parents' garden. They don't have a very big garden. Just big enough for them to maintain.
These are some of the flowers planted by them. They have roses, jasmine, orchids (bloomed for 5 weeks, now on the verge of dying), marigolds (seeds given by Ruth via post) and a few others.

And they also have herbs and fruits planted near the kitchen area. I spotted some lime, watermelon leaves (no watermelon yet), papaya tree, pineapple, aloe vera, pandan leaves, serai (lemon grass), curry leaves, cili padi (small red and green chilly), kunyit leaves and many others. I don't know the names for some of them. I think at one time they planted brinjals (eggplant) too.

Their garden is well-kept by my dad (who waters the plants and catches insects day and night) and Tusi (who plants them and makes sure they grow well).

So unlike my unkempt garden...

I really need to trim the grass again.

While I was doing some weeding a couple of days ago, I spotted a frog hiding in my garden. It gave me a shock when it suddenly jumped up. I must have been pulling the weeds too close to its hiding place.

(Note to self : Don't procrastinate any longer if you don't want a family of frogs living in your garden)


Anonymous said...

Hehee, toads like the grass much better as it is now. What a beautiful garden your father has created!

euniceta said...

My dad spent some of his time tending to the garden. He loves it and doesn't sees it as a chore. I wished I had the same interest... sigh..

Unknown said...

Eunice, what happened to the carpet grass? Goodness, I think you must bake less and weed more...

euniceta said...

A.Chris - It's no longer a carpet grass... more like a habitat for frogs or toads. :)