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Friday, November 21, 2008

Stage Dressing - Day 2

Yesterday was Stage Dressing - Day 2. My parents, A.Chris, Brian and some of the youths came to help again.
Our goal was to cover the tomb with old "wallpapers" and line the top with "clouds" (of fibre). I thought the youths did a pretty good job. I remembered last year, we took 2 days to complete this task. The youths did it in 5 hours.

Rachel, Caryn and my mom did the touch up for the brick walls and doors.

The sky and cross scene were painted by Aunt Mary. She is really good at painting. Such a blessing to have her. The bricks and door "wallpapers" were painted by Rachel and her team. Most of them were painted last year. We reused the wallpapers and just touched up certain weak areas.
A closer look at the "building". Looked as if we painted some green to make it "mossy", but no, we did not use green paint. It was the combination of lights from various sources.

We did manage to create and paint more papier-mached pots. I now have enough to sell in the market place. :)

We ended early. By 3.45pm we started cleaning the stage area. Rachel and I left the church building at 4.40pm and headed to town to buy baskets to use as props and later rewarded ourselves with a drink and roti canai (Indian bread) at Top Curry House for a good day's work.


Anonymous said...

The stage looks amazing! Well done!

euniceta said...

Thanks Korpun. The credit actually goes to Rachel. It was her design and she put in a lot of effort in creating this makeshift stage. :)

@nne said...

hoi i wan some of your pictures. the pot and some clouds. haha. or can U upload some teaser prop pics on the facebook musical event page?

euniceta said...

Anne - I think it's easier if I give you the pictures and you upload it onto facebook. My internet connection is not that good. :(