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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shifting house

No, not I. My cousin planned to shift house today. I went over to help her pack but when I reached her place, there wasn't much I could do. My parents and Aunt Chris were there since 8.30AM. I may have come a little too late (1pm) and there were things to do but I couldn't help much because my cousin wanted to know exactly what goes into which box and it was best that she do it alone. I must say, I was really amazed at how organized and efficient my cousin was. We could only help her by wrapping all the glassware with newspapers, tying the boxes with raffia strings, folding all the bedsheets, blankets and putting them outside the living hall.

We couldn't shift the big items today because the lorry was too small. We needed at least a 3 ton lorry. We could have gone a few rounds but the lorry came late. It was supposed to come at 5.30 pm, but came only at 7pm. Furthermore, they were charging RM120 per trip... within the same garden. Ridiculous isn't it?

So tomorrow, they are going to engage another lorry. Hopefully she is able to shift everything by tomorrow.

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