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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Spotted a belalang (grasshopper) in my house compound. I zoomed and managed to capture this pose before it hopped away. Can't believe that in certain parts of the world, people eat this as a delicacy!!


Unknown said...

Would you call it a "locust" instead?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

By the way, I still can't get my message through if I use my livejournal account, the only way that works is to comment as "anonymous" as I did the previous comment. I have made some comments before without any problems :)

Unknown said...

Hello Anonymous; yes, fried locust in Thailand is a yummy snack..kind of like fried bilis.

I sometimes get a prompt that i need a Google account before my comments are accepted...or need try more than once...

euniceta said...

Korpun - I went into your blog. Nice.

I spoke to kg who does not own a blog. He also had trouble posting comments and he had to post a few times before it gets through.

I wonder why. Must be a google problem. :(

You can change "Anonymous" to Korpun, like what kg did.