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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Being Twins

We looked alike when we were young. The aunties and uncles often called out our names together whenever they see one of us so that we would answer.

She was the mischievous one and me.. I was an angel... haha.... It's true.... ask my mother if you don't believe me. :)

We are the middle "child", so to speak. My elder sister, since she was baby number 1, had so many baby pictures. My brother who was baby number 4, had lots of baby photos too, since he was the only male child in the family. As for the twins... I don't think we have any photos at all when we were babies. :( So unfair.

We shared the same birthdate, so naturally, some of the presents were meant to be shared. :(

Thankfully, when one fell ill, the other was not subject to the same illness.

And thankfully, we don't think alike, but we know exactly what the other would feel if the feeling was described in detail.

It was good to enter Standard One together. We could refer to each other in case we forgot which homework had to be done or something like that. And if nobody "friend" us, we still got each other.

We do fight of course, and I always end up crying. Hmm... she's a bully.. haha

Did we chase the same boys? No, not really. Surprisingly, we have different taste in that aspect. :)

Our voices are the same over the phone, and up till today, we still play tricks on people, so watch out.. :)

I always have trouble remembering faces, so sometimes when I meet someone on the streets and I can't recognise them when they acknowledged me, I will say, "I think you must have mistaken me with my TWIN sister.."

Occasionally, when the mood strikes, we don't mind helping each other (yeah, both of us are very lazy) finish a project.

When we were planning to go for a vacation, it's good to have her plan everything, knowing that I would have like whatever she had planned.

We are both lefties :)

I'm sure there are lots more to tell, but it'll do for now.

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Unknown said...

You both got very few photos, but very MUCH attention. What more do you want?? From - The Older Sister [hahaha]