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Monday, July 7, 2008

Jul 2008 Mt Kinabalu - Meet The Team

Adlin from Sabah was absent throughout the whole trip. He only appeared on the 6th July in the airport to see us off.

This year's team is of the older group.
2 are in their 20s
8 in their 30s
3 in their 40s
6 in their 50s
1 in her 60s

The average age is 43.
12 men, 8 women.
3 married couples,
1 mother and son,
3 men who are single,
5 married men
4 married ladies.
Number of people who made it to Laban Rata - 19
Absentee - 1
Number of people who made it up to Low's peak - 15

The people in charge :

Advisor - Peter Lim
Organisers - KG & Eunice
Team Leaders - KG & Esther
Team Doctors - Doc James & Doc Peter Ch'ng
T-Shirt Design - Danny & Rachel
Banner Design - KG
Photographers - Doc Peter Ch'ng & Rachel
Transportation-KK - KG
Worship Leaders - Esther & Peter Lai
Guitarist - Peter Lai
Luggage Weighing - Peter Lai & Gan KL
Left Luggage Despatch - Chan Boon Pin & Lu Vin
Packed Lunch - Francis & Hendry
Climbing Certs - Peter Lai & William


Unknown said...

Yup, we sure had a diverse team. It was fun interacting with the different people; some of whom we only got to know better lately...

Unknown said...

Hey, except for you, LV, Hendry, Cilla, William & Jimbo, All of us had our really-tired-face pinned up here. No fair!!