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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mt Kinabalu - thinking back

As I was blogging about my 2008 Kinabalu experience, it brought back memories of the 1st climb last year.

Last year, Rachel and I were the last recruits. We had only 1 1/2 months to train.
This year, we were among the "firsts" (got such word ah?). We had 6 months to train.

Last year, the average age group was 38.
This year - 43

Last year we had 20 team members, 12 men and 8 ladies.
This year - same.

Last year's group were more adventurous. They ate wild durians before the climb.
This year's group were a bit cautious. They had oranges, pears and bananas.

Last year when we arrived at Park HQ the first day, we could see Mt Kinabalu.
This year, many who had never been here before were not sure whether to believe us or not.

Last year Day 2 at 7.30am we had to put on our ponchos.
This year Day 2 at 7.30am all of us were dry.

We had to weigh our bags for the porters to carry to Laban Rata.
Last year, we messed up Park HQ with our stuff. We had so much stuff. Last year's porter fees rate was RM6 for the 1st 10Kg and RM6.60 thereafter.
Last year, we averaged out the cost equally. Each had to pay RM88, if I'm not mistaken.

This year, we tagged all our bags and let Peter Lai and Gan do their job. They were in charged of weighing and recording the bags for the porter to carry. We had less stuff this year. Each had to pay according to what their bag weighs. This year porter fees are much higher. A flat rate of RM8.00 and they charged us extra RM4 making it a total of RM12 per kilo because we planned to stay in Laban Rata for 2 nights.

Last year we went by the Timpohon trail (Summit trail).
This year, the Mesilau route.

Last year me team took about 6 hours to get to Laban Rata.
This year, I took 10 hours 20 minutes.

Last year it rained at 2.30AM on the day we planned to summit Low's Peak. The wind was howling, the Laban Rata Resthouse building was shaking.
During the Summit Push, we had to wear thick warm clothing. My gloved hands were freezing and my cheeks numb with cold. Whenever I stop, my buddy had to hold me, otherwise I fear the wind would knock me off my feet.
This year, we had the perfect weather during the Summit Push. I don't even have to wear my balaclava, well, not until I reached Low's Peak.

Last year, Rachel went for a midnight drink (2.30AM) with someone.
This year I went with her.

Last year the weather was good when we descended from Laban Rata.
This year, it rained throughout the whole night and it was still raining when we started out from Laban Rata.

Last year I arrived at the foothill (from Laban Rata) at..about 3PM. (One of my team members was sick)
This year - 1.30PM.

Last year we had 2 climb T-Shirts - Red and Maroon.
This year - only 1, but it looked better than last year's.

Last year I had 1 coloured certificate.

This year - 2 certificates. :)

One is to certify that I had climbed to Low's Peak via the Mesilau Summit Trail, and the other to certify that I had indeed climbed to Low's Peak.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hmmm...last year, we had a more diverse and 'younger' group; this year, most of us are from the Seremban area and knew each other earlier, besides being a more'matured' crowd.

Each group had its strengths and weaknesses; nevertheless both groups were great fun.

Along the way, our lives have been enriched through the shared journey... :-)