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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jusco Member's Day Sale at Mid Valley

Yes, I admit, we were crazy to even think of going to Mid Valley on a Jusco Member's Day Sale. (24 June 2008)

The elder sister and our parents were part of this mad idea. We started our journey at 8.30am. When we got nearer to Mid Valley, (at 9.45AM) we were amazed by the jam this sale had created. The car parks at Zone A and C were marked full. We were forced to park at The Gardens. I complained to my sister, " Why can't all these people carpool?" and she replied "They are already carpooling!!!" meaning that there would be much more people shopping...and we would face another kind of jam... human jam... sigh..

My parents thought the sales were good, but once they saw the long queue at the cashier counters, they started putting back the things they wanted to buy. The daughters however, were smarter. When we got what we wanted, one started lining up to pay, while the other help to count to see if we bought enough to get cash vouchers. (Just trying to get as much out from the mega sale). Jusco had set up extra counters in each station. The queue might look long, but it was moving fast.

As usual, going anywhere (most of the time) with the elder sister meant we don't have the whole day (and night) to shop. She always had to go home early for other appointment. We left the shopping mall at 3.30PM.

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