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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My father's pictures of Kota Kinabalu

My father take good pictures. We gave my parents a simple 3.2mp canon camera 2 years ago and my father had been making full use of it. He took it everywhere he went.... Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Perth, Hong Kong, birthday parties and other events. Nevermind the LCD screen is only 1.5 inches width, nevermind his long-sightedness, he made do with what he had and focused fully on his photography skills.... :)
Early this month, my parents were in Sabah and they were staying in my cousin's condo. My cousin lived very near the airport. From her balcony, you can see the Airasia airport.

My father managed to capture this awesome picture of a plane taking off. :)

And this sunset scene, I don't think I can capture the same thing if I were to stand next to him and shoot with my IXUS950. :(

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Unknown said...

Yup; some good pictures. I especially like the sunset scene..