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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Experiencing Mt Kinabalu for the 2nd time-Day 5

We were blissfully asleep till 7AM when the the alarm rang. So nice to sleep, so difficult to get up. I forced myself to get up and wash up. Esther had an additional 15 minutes of sleep while I was in the bathroom.
We went down for breakfast at 7.45AM met up with Peter Ch'ng and mom and Francis.

Immediately after breakfast we went to Gaya Free Market located near our hotel. There were so many things to buy... from paintings to seashells, to T-Shirts, to jewellery and crystals and....lots more. My eyes were on the jewelries. I love crystals and anything bright and glittery.

At 10.15AM, Chin Yih (my cousin's husband) came with the church van to take some 12 of us to Calvary Charismatic Church. Esther and I went with Adele in her Land Cruiser (I think).
The lights were pretty dim and the electricity went off a few times. According to the pastor of that church, no one knew the cause of it. Electricians came to check during the weekdays and it worked perfectly fine.

The preacher was Margaret Steward, mother of Pam Steward. Pam Seward came to Agape to preach in year... 2006 I think.

After church, we head back to our hotel to check out. Then we went for lunch at this famous noodle shop.

It was already 2.30pm when we finally arrived at the Filipino market. I been to twice and both times I went to the same vendor to get my crystals. It seems that every 6 months the vendors would change their stall location in the Filipino Market itself. Last year, I got hold of their card and I brought it with me this year so that I wouldn't spend so much time searching for the stall.

There, this is the stall. We spent 2 1/2 hours just choosing the colours and they created bracelets out of some 20-22 crystals.

The food stalls just beside the Filipino market.

At 5.20PM, Chin Yih and Adele came to pick us up. We went back to their place to wash up before heading to the airport to meet the rest of the team.
Our flight was scheduled to leave at 8.05pm and our meeting time was at 6.20pm. Adlin, the 20th person who was suppose to climb Mt Kinabalu with us, showed up to see us off.
After checking in our luggage and obtaining the boarding passes for the team, I went to get Min Chee's Seven Star Garoupa Fish.
We met our DIGI friends at the airport. They were booked on the same flight as us. The flight was on time. Yay! We arrived at LCCT KL at about 10.35PM. Esther's husband, Voon Fui came to pick us up.

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