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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today, I ate my first piece of mooncake this year.

Today, at 1pm, the weather forecast rain and thunderstorm for most parts of the country.

Today, at 1.15pm, I was at the hospital.

Today, at 1.15pm,I used an umbrella to shield my head from the scorching sun.

Today, there was a function going on at an Indian temple near the hospital.

Today, the carparks surrounding the hospital was jam packed with cars due to the function.

Today, I ate at the hospital canteen again. 2 veggies and an egg. The same person mending the cash counter. She charged me RM2.70 this time. Mctc also had the same. She charged him RM3.40.

Today, I went to work at 2.30pm.

Today, it never rained at all.

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