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Sunday, November 9, 2008

2nd Breadmaker Machine

On Friday, the Kenwood salesman came to my mom's house and tested the breadmaker machine (Kenwood BM350). This is the 2nd machine and my mom was hopeful. The salesman checked how she measured the ingredients and taught her how to fill the bread tin. It took 3-4 hours to bake a bread and the salesman said that he would return later.

When the bread was ready, my mother was so happy. The bread's shape was right. But when the salesman saw it, he wasn't happy. He said the bread should have risen higher. And when they tasted it.... it was dry and not so nice to eat.

He then asked my mom to try a few more times over the weekend and he would come back on Monday to replace a new machine for her if she was not satisfied.

Over the weekend, my mom tried 7 times. The wholemeal loaves were not good at all. Inedible. The white bread and multi-seeded ones were good but they didn't rise as high as they should have.

This is the 6th bread she made so far with the 2nd machine. Fresh out of the machine, it looks good and smells heavenly.

The kneader always gets stuck and we have to dig it out.

The bread texture is good and the top is always flaky. But it doesn't look right. The shape is not there. My mom is thinking of sending the 2nd machine back and hopefully the 3rd machine would be perfect.


Unknown said...

i hope you did not just throw away the unsuccessful loaves; would have been a real waste...can feed the fishes in S2 City Park or someone's chickens...

Unknown said...

hahaha! KG, I think the fishes at S2 will not be able to eat them...they are like ROCKS! Hmmm....speaking of rocks....maybe we can use them for props for the coming Christmas Musical, huh?

Unknown said...

Errr....another thing - Mom's got her THIRD machine. ANd it is STILL not producing good wholemeal bread....however, it is producing AWESOME other bread types - plain white, seeded and cinnamon raisin! Yummy, yummy!!

euniceta said...

kg - feeding the unsuccessful loaves to the fishes in S2 park? I think the fishes will die lah. To salty.

Esther - yeah, I think the wholemeal bread cannot rise because there was too much salt in it. We used "wholemeal mix" when we were supposed to use only the wholemeal. My guess is, the wholemeal mix includes the salt too and we added extra salt as per the recipe and that makes it difficult to rise.