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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gunung Nuang on the 8th of December?

Two mountain-climbing-crazy guys are wanting to climb Gunung Nuang on the 8th of December. This is the 3rd time they are organising a trip to Nuang. The first time was last year... June 07. They were the sweepers and didn't make it up to the summit.
The 2nd time was on May 1st this year. Sirdar had some family obligations and did not register for the climb. At the very last minute, Messner, who organised the Nuang climb, pulled out because he had some very urgent matters to attend to. He passed the responsibility to a fellow climber who had summited Nuang before.

A few days ago, Messner sent an email (and smsed too) saying that he and Sirdar are planning to climb Nuang on the 8th of December and wanted to know if I was interested in this climb. I didn't bother replying because I was so sure they would (dare, taunt) ask me when I see them in church.

True enough, 3 days ago when I saw them in church, they asked if I wanted to join them. I told them that I would be busy that week because of the Christmas Musical. There are other reasons too. I am having a flu and coughing so much now, and based on previous experiences, I foresee that my cough will end sometime early December. I do not want to get sick again especially during the December month. Furthermore, I have this nagging pain in my right knee and it has been bothering me for a few weeks now. It got well last week, but I had a little accident in the cabin (where we keep the props for the musical). Several sheets of plywood fell on me and I was trapped underneath for a few seconds. When I finally straightened myself, I felt the pain on my knee again.

See... all valid reasons. :)

I met Peter and Helen Lai 2 days ago and their advice was "DON'T GO!". I've read Jimbo's blog on Nuang and by the looks of it, it's a tough climb. Rachel Wong also did not have a good experience climbing Nuang last year.

I saw Messner in church again yesterday. He said that if I were to climb with them on the 8th, both he and Sirdar would make sure that I summit. They would be the sweepers. I retorted saying that if I were to go, they would have to organise a 4th trip to Nuang because I may not make it to the top. :)


Anonymous said...

i also got the SMS....my answer is same as yours.

euniceta said...

Steve, with all the running, I think you are very much fitter.
Maybe you should climb Nuang and tell me your experience. :)

mfwrachel said...

I know you will end up going.. :)

Unknown said...

come join in lar...will be lots of fun; with Messner there, my confidence level is high...
would be nice to have a bit of rain towards the end; adds to the excitement and cools down the air..

Anonymous said...

whoever is going, plz take care, especially we have musical coming on the same week. not to pour water on it.

just realized that my dummy is bulging again after no running for a week.

euniceta said...

Steve - dummy? tummy you mean.. hehe