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Monday, December 1, 2008

Kitchen Gadgets

Anyone can guess what these gadgets are?

I can't find these things in Malaysia. It's all bought from America or Canada.

These look like lizard's eggs but it's actually pie weights.

Thermometers . Top left is for the oven.. mainly used to check if your oven is giving out the correct amount of heat. (I think). Top right and bottom - it's to check if the meat is of the correct temperature. Just insert it into the meat to see if you want it rare, medium or well done. While I was in Los Gatos (California), I saw Eric using the top right thermometer for the coffee he made. He's a coffee drinker and is very particular on the details of making a cup of coffee. Took him like 5 or 10 minutes just to make 1 small cup.

The top gadget is.. (Been having this for q few years and I'd just found out) for curling butter. To make butter look interesting that just a rectangular slab, I suppose.

Bottom left - egg smasher, egg beater and measuring "spoon".

Bottom right - citrus zester. I always wanted one. So when I was in America back in 2006, I spotted this zester and purchased it. It's for both left and right handers, so that's a bonus for me because I'm left-handed.

Top picture - Baking nails. Just insert the nails into the potatoes to distribute the heat in the middle of the potatoes.

Bottom right - don't think you have ever seen this one before. It's for the onions. Insert the gadget into the onion and slice in between the pins. Cool eh?

Bottom right - Dough Mixer? Not sure what is it called but apparently it's for mixing the dough. I have tried it only once (or twice), but I don't find it useful. Maybe I'd used it wrongly because A.Pang said that it was a very good gadget for mixing the dough.


Anonymous said...

Pie weights? I happen to have a meet thermometre and I've seen the onion slicing thing.

@nne said...

fuh-yoh. so high tech.
i only recognize the egg bitter at one glance.

euniceta said...

I got to know all these gadgets by looking through many recipe books.

Charenn29 said...

so cute..