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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finger Food

Early this year, we were told by our cell group leader that we are only to provide finger food for refreshments and not a full-coursed dinner. The cell that I am attending is quite comfortable with the "refreshments" provided by various cell members. We don't mind if we have heavy food nor do we mind if we only have sandwiches.
If we are hungry even after having the refreshments, then we will go to our favourite "4.80" coffee shop and have some noodles and drinks there.

Yesterday, my cell member came with this finger food...

We have satay.. yum yum. It's actually barbecued meat - chicken or beef. I think Pastor Sally didn't have this in mind when she told all the cell leaders to provide only finger food for refreshments.

I didn't have my dinner and my lunch was only 2 slices of bread with kaya and butter and a cup of teh-si (tea with evaporated milk and sugar) at Ah Seng's coffee shop.

I ate only 3 satay sticks and some rice and thought of "4.80". I guess Mctc and Steven had the same thought because they agreed to have supper in 4.80 after cell.

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