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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Suspect It's The Cat That Did It

I blogged about my slippers a few weeks ago. I bought an extra pair because I knew that the slippers wouldn't last long and true enough, a couple of beads fell off after some time. Then I started wearing the 2nd pair. Guess what?

The beads came off the 2nd pair too. Almost the same spot like the first pair. This time I don't see any beads lying nearby and I suspect it's the cat that pull them off from my slippers. (Yeah, blame it on the cat). Well, I saw a cat in my house compound looking very pleased with itself!!!

I now have to use an older pair of slippers which is missing of one thing too. and that's the big half a fake pearl bead.

I think it's time to shop for another pair of slippers :)


@nne said...

i had a dog tat liked to bite every footwear i wore. ony me and non of my other family members. dunno why. i never did anything to the dog.... maybe tat's why...

euniceta said...

Clearly the dog wants your attention.. hehe