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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Was Tagged...

...by this person.

But first - memo rules:

1. Write your username.
2. Write your 2 favorite bands/groups/singers of the moment.
3. Write a sentence that uses a heart (examples: “I ♥ k-pop,” “I ♥ j-pop,” or “I ♥ c-pop.”)
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time.
5. Write the name of your recent favoured person.
6. Tag 5 people to do this memo.

I started writing on a piece of paper.. but my handwriting was not.. errr.. pleasing to the eye.. hehe.

So here's a typewritten one -

1. Euniceta
2. I don't have any, but for the sake of completing this memo they are Clay Aiken and Westlife.
3. I holidays
4. Never gave it much thought.. probably my two sisters.
5. Err... Minch perhaps?
6. I think I will not tag anyone. :)


Anonymous said...

HEY, YOU CHEATED! This was a handwriting meme...

Anonymous said...

You Sure Michael isn't your favorite person of all time??? Ok but I know what you mean naming your sisters....

euniceta said...

Korpun - Cheated?? Ha! You should have emphasized that it was supposed to be hand written!!! :)