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Friday, March 20, 2009

Mini Malaysia, Malacca

I have been to Mini Malaysia (located in Ayer Koreh, Malacca) several times now and each time I visit, I was hoping that there would be a transformation to this particular place of interest. Sad to say, I didn't see any sign of improvement yesterday when I came here with Rachel, Tusi, Brian and Sze-En.

The entrance of Mini Malaysia. Two and a half years ago, the entrance fee was RM10 per adult. Yesterday we paid RM12 per adult and RM6 per child. When I saw the increased rates, I thought to myself, " hey maybe they have upgraded the place". But..... nope, unless you count having florescent lightings in some of the houses and decorative bulbs on the exterior.

The kids were so excited to enter the first house - Rumah Perlis (Rumah means house). Rachel was some sort of a tour guide, telling them to notice the "walls" and the uniqueness of each house.

2nd house - "Pulau Pinang" or Penang in English. Notice the carvings on the wall.

Underneath the houses (they all all built on stilts) Tusi noticed the holes on the ground made by some earth animals. She tried to dig out one of them for us to see, but they were buried too deep inside.

3rd house - Kedah.

4th house - Perak.

5th house - Selangor. The interior was very big.

6th house - Negeri Sembilan. The state where we are staying. Notice the Minangkabau roofs. (More Minangkabau architecture can be found in this website)

7th house - Malacca. Notice the steps. We can still see these type of steps in Malacca.

8th house - Johor. By this time, the children were bored with taking off their shoes and exploring the houses. Most of the houses were dark inside because there was no light. The children just enter, walk towards the end of the house, u-turned and walk straight out of the house. They did not bother to look at the display of old-fashioned household stuff.

9th house - Kelantan. Very big and very dark inside.

10th house - Trengganu. Saw a weaving equipment in there.

11th house - Pahang.

12th house - Sabah. They were quite interested in this house because the floors were made out of bamboos.

13th house - Sarawak. Also very interesting because of the bamboo floors and the tree trunk stairs.

The kids loved the tree trunk stairs.

We took about an hour to complete 13 houses. Kind of fast eh?

Earlier on Rachel took this day off because we wanted to bring the kids to Petrosains in KL. Last week, we found out that Sze-En had school's choir practice from 9.30 - 12.30pm on this day and Rachel couldn't change her leave day and so we decided to go to Malacca instead.

It was about 2.30 when we reached Malacca, so it was pointless to go into the city, since Air Keroh (just off the toll gate) also have some interesting places to visit.

More stories to come in the next blog....

Excursion date : 19 March 2009, Thursday.

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