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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Want To Learn How To Sew

Last Saturday, Sze-En told me that she wanted to learn how to sew. It seems her teacher (Missionettes I think) taught her how to make a puppet from an old sock and and this requires sewing 2 buttons as "eyes" onto the sock.

I asked her to ask Tusi who's very good at sewing.

Tusi sewed very fast and Sze-En had a hard time catching up. Plus the fact that Sze-En was not good in the Malay Language making it difficult for her to understand Tusi.

Tusi let her try to sew, but I guess Sze-En's just obeying insturctions and does not grasp the concept of sewing.
She said that she wants to learn how to sew so that she can cover all her holey clothes with buttons. She said she will be joining Girl Guide next year and hopes to learn more about these domesticated stuff in this activity.

Later, I looked through Tusi's sewing area and found 3 buttons. I taught Sze-En how to sew and made her hold the cloth, needle and button all by herself.

There, this is her job. She managed to sew 3 buttons all by herself.

She now has her own sewing kit because kind Aunty Eunice went to town to purchase RM20 worth of buttons. Who knows maybe in future she may end up famous by creating Miss World's dress or something. :)

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