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Monday, March 9, 2009

What is it With Women and Shoes...

Wooo hoooo... I went to KL today, did some shopping and got these...

A little too fancy for every day use, but hey.. it's unique right? :). Cost me a pretty penny too and I'm hoping it'll last more than 3 months. They are actually clogs sandals.

We were in Mid Valley today, and after breakfast in Padington's (house of pancakes), Rachel and I got separated and she happened to come across a shop (cart) selling shoes and bags. She called and asked me to check out the cool clog sandals. She had her eyes on the blue flowered sandals and asked me to take the pink one. I thought the pink was great until I tried the black dragonfly-patterned sandals.

Those were even better than the pink ones. I decided to get the black ones instead. The sales lady says that the dragonflies were made from "Mother-of-Pearl", but I doubt it. It was too cheap for that material. Min Chee spotted a pair which suited her and it happened to be on offer. She wasn't sure whether to buy them or not because she couldn't think of any reason for owning them. So she put those shoes on hold, went shopping in Carrefour (and other places), and just before we went to the car park, we visited this shop again.

Rachel and I convinced her to get the shoes, and after paying for them, she spotted another pair of shoes which was more comfortable and decided to exchange them with the first pair.

These shoes looked better on her too. I on the other hand saw another pair of black shoes which were on offer. I liked the front part very much and decided to part with my money to get these -
I'm hoping I won't have to shop for shoes in the next 6 months.... :)

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