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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday Was a Hot Day

Everyone I met complained that it was a HOT day yesterday. The sun was scorching hot and it was one of those days I wished I was living in Minnesota or somewhere north.

Yesterday, after work, I went Jusco.. for no particular reason. When I reached the shopping complex, I suddenly thought of cutting my hair. I wanted it cheap and fast. Guess where I went? The X-cut shop. RM15 for 15 minutes. This was my first time and I was a bit skeptical about their skills. Anyway, my hair is not complicated at all (easy maintenance) and I wasn't fussy, so I went in there and asked for a hair cut. Instead of the usual cut and pay, I had to insert the cash into a vending machine before the hair stylist showed me to a chair.

I told him I wanted a trim, but after a few seconds I said "you can cut it short if you want to", giving him a free rein with my already out-of-shape hairstyle. Snip! Snip! I think he mush have cut at least 3 inches or more off my already short hair. I wanted to tell him... "Stop! That's enough!", but I decided to zip my lips and allowed him to continue.

When he was done, I looked up at the mirror and yeah, it was short, slightly below my ears, but it looked alright.

He then gave me a comb, the comb which he used to cut my hair. I was surprised and thanked him with a smile. This is the first time I had my hair cut and was given a comb.

Later on at night when I looked into the mirror to check how short the length was, I was reminded of a wedding dinner I had to attend in 3 weeks time. Gulp! Early this year, I sort of told myself that I wanted to keep my hair long for this wedding.. but now after cutting it.. sigh..... nevermind, what was done cannot be undone, unless I wear a wig.. LOL.

Anyway, today when I woke up, the skies were cloudy. Usually the sun would shine though the bathroom window and into the room to let me know that it was already 7.45am.. but not today. It rained heavily and and the pitter-patter on my tiled porch sounded heavenly. I love rainy weathers... well, except when I had to climb a mountain lah. :).

Again, many people I spoke today commented about the sudden change of weather. I'm hoping it will rain again tonight...mmmmm..


Unknown said...

i usually go there and i always asked for Irene (recommended by Philip)... well. Yea the 1st time you visit them , you get a free comb and if there's an offer, yr fifth cut is FOC. I quite like the place...no fuss, get yr hair cut and out yoy go....cheap and nice...no complaints..

euniceta said...

I like it because it was quick. I don't like to spend so long in the hair saloon.
They didn't take my name down or anything like that. I wonder how they keep track of all their customers..