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Monday, June 9, 2008


Yesterday was dumpling day. Exactly was it is all about I don't know. I only know that's when so many "congs" would be made and sold at the shops/street. I asked Min Chee and Rachel Wong what was the significant of this celebration. They also don't know.

Wikipedia shows me something else. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I just love eating them.

I'm adding a little note here. For some of you who don't know what "cong " is, It's also called "Bak Chang" (Saw it in the newspaper). It's made of glutinous rice, pork, dried mushroom, chestnut,salted egg yolk, dried prawns ad green pea. I found a recipe online. You can try it. Just click -here

It's celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calendar.


mfwrachel said...

Excuse me. I know. Just that I find it too mafan to explain to u. Further, u wouldn't understand. Cos, it's about Chinese history. Told u to learn Chinese.

@nne said...

my dad told me its the story of this general who was great and did many things who was falsely accused (or something like that). They drowned him in the river.

so the people who love him made these dumplings everyday to feed the fish so that the fish wont eat the general's body. (yea so the dumpling was not originally for us to eat)


euniceta said...

Thanks @nne.

mfwrachel - what lah, know also don't want to explain...