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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pre-climb dinner

We planned our pre-climb dinner a month ago. It was to be held in my parents place on the 28th June. Everyone was expected to be punctual, but being Malaysians, some came later. Doc James was the first to arrive... at 7.15pm. The second batch of people are the Chans. I didn't keep track after that.

Not all the climbers came for this dinner. There were 20 climbers. The 5 who couldn't make it were Johnny and William (overseas). Hendry and Cilla (some meeting) and Adlin (lives in KK).

We started by singing our theme song " Pressing on, the upward way".

Peter Lai song led. He brought his guitar.

Doc Peter Ch'ng had to rush off because he was on call. So while we were singing, he had his dinner. His family came with him too. He left as soon as he finished eating. I'm glad he made the effort to come.
The food was of course delicious. Cooked by my mom and Tusi, we had a total of 10 dishes and 1 soup(leng ngau). Each climber contributed RM8.00 towards the cost.

After the dinner, some stayed back to fellowship and sing some oldies. They lingered around till almost 11pm.

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