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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ovens again!!

My Aunt Lily is going to stay with her son in KL. She's planning to sell her house in Seremban and her son doesn't want anything from the old house.

Today, I saw my Aunt Lily at my mom's house after class. She and my mom were talking about the stuff that she had to get rid off from her house. She asked if I wanted her oven, her big oven... like my mom's but it uses electricity instead of gas. Wah..... I was so excited... I can bake cookies in my house. "Yes! I want it", I told her.

I do have a small oven, and it has been serving me well over the past 2 years. But if I want to make cookies, I would prefer to use my mom's oven because I can bake 3 big trays at one go. And I love making shortbread but my mom cannot stand the smell of butter. Imagine after 5 hours of baking buttery stuff in her oven, Tusi (the maid) will have to "halal-nized" (sanitized) the oven.

la-di-da...can't wait...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Wah! So many ovens! I guess now you can bake A LOT at any one time.