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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Poor Grass :(

I've been neglecting my grass for 5 months. It's full of weeds and insects I've never seen before lived there. I can hardly see the stones too. It was time for the grass to have a hair cut, I thought to myself a few months back. My one and only excuse is I was busy. Well, I WAS.

So last Friday, I decided I had to do something about it. I took out the grass cutter and, well, before I could start cutting the grass, I had to remove the stones first. That took some time. I started at 5.45PM. Little did I know that removing the stones took up A LOT of time. I chatted with my neighbour too.. about the petrol and electricity prices. We compared our utility bills. Her electricity bill was slightly more than RM100, and mine about RM30+. Her water bill was RM80 and mine was less than RM10.

Okay, there's an explanation for the huge discrepancy. She had 4 more people living in her house. She does laundry EVERYDAY in her large washing machine. She cooks for the family. And most of the time I can hear her washing her porch floor or the back of her house.

Hmm.. as her neighbour, I am embarrass to live next to her. Her house and compound is always clean and neat. Same goes for my opposite neighbour. Sometimes I see her sweeping just outside my house compound. She even trimmed my mango tree, the one where I asked her to plant just outside my house.

Sigh.. what kind and good neighbours I have.

Anyway, back to the topic of cutting my pathetic grass. I didn't manage to cut all the grass. Just did half of it only when I noticed the sky was getting darker. I quickly clean up and "chin chai" (simply) wash my porch floor.

By the time I was done, it was already 7.30pm, time to bathe and go for cell meeting. 4 days has passed ... I'm thinking when can I summon my lazy bones to finish the other half of my tiny garden.

It looked so awkward now.....

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