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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

International Food!

Last Saturday was a hectic day. A group of us hiked up Bukit Kepayang, had breakfast at FS-Oakland, then I went to Minch's house to bathe. Rach picked us up at about 10.30AM to town. We had some errands there. We went to Seremban Parade first. Bought sandals, shoes and a warm jacket for the Kinabalu climb. After that we went to Terminal 1(to check for green or orange accessories for a party's Rachel's attending that night) , KM plaza (to mend a belt) and B-Strong to confirm the climb's T-shirt artwork and colour.

Rach planned to go to Jusco to get some green and orange accessories, but since she found them in Terminal 1, we had a lot of free time in Jusco. Minch was hungry. Rach was thirsty. We examine all the food outlets, the pros and cons like price-wise, taste-wise, etc. We decided on Igentis. Both Rach and Minch were ignorant about the wonderful "mother of pearl" bubble tea they have on their menu.
Not satisfied with her nasi lemak in FS, Minch ordered nasi lemak again. I wanted black pepper udon mee with beef. Yummy!. Rachel decided on a combo meal - chicken, fish and chips. We ordered the famous mother of pearl drink, but they sold out. Wah.... so fast sold out already. But then Rach was thirsty, so she ordered some oatmeal green tea. After like 20 minutes we saw a waiter bringing a glass of mother of pearl to another table. Minch then ask the waiter for some explanation and was told that they ran out of one of the ingredients and were boiling it just now. I was really promoting this drink and it wasn't cheap - RM4.50 a glass. Minch ordered 1 glass. After tasting it, she categorised it as "yummy" but will not order this drink again because it's expensive.

We shopped at Jusco till 4 pm then headed down to Tesco. Minch took over the driving when we left Seremban Parade. She didn't seemed to mind driving us around. Bless her.

We didn't stay long at Tesco. Rach had to rush back to get ready for the party. She dropped me at the hair saloon. My hair was growing past my shoulders already. I wanted to keep it long for the Kinabalu climb.... but I cannot "tahan" (stand it) already. Yes, I know, it's 2 weeks before the climb, but my hair was really messy. So snip, snip... I asked the hairdresser (do you still call them that?) to cut it short, but not to short. So right now my hair length is just above my shoulders. Should I colour it? Still thinking about it.

Message to Ruth - When are you going to dye your hair black? Come on... I dare you... haha. :)

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