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Friday, June 20, 2008

Otherwise we would have summited today!

In December last year, we planned to climb Mt Kinabalu during a full moon. Looking at the 2008 Chinese calendar, June 18 was chosen. It was the 15th day of the 5th month, where the moon was at it's fullest. We counted, 18th fly to KK, 19th, hike up to Laban Rata, and 20th early morning hike up to the summit. Well, that's the plan. But the plan changed when we found that Airasia wasn't so accommodating. The price wasn't right. We spend some time in Airasia's website looking for a suitable flight, one that was cheap and flies on a Wednesday. We finally found July 2nd, flight to KK was only RM6 (excluding taxes).... but... no moonlight during that time. Anyway, we just book July 2nd and informed everyone to buy headlamps. :)

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Unknown said...

yes, it was a wasted opportunity. Maybe we should have gone ahead with this date and pay the extra for the flight.

Nothing to beat summiting when the mountain is illuminated by the full moon...