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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today is Tuesday.

Today I feel lazy.

Today is self-declared off-day.

Today I have to clean the house.

Today I felt the strain in my right knee.

Today we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday in Regent Restaurant. (She actually only 89, but the Chinese like to add 1 more year to their actual birthday).

Today, Tuesday, I did my weekly housecleaning in spite of the pain on my right knee. Housework means 2 - 3 hours of sweeping, mopping and washing the bathroom.

The dinner in Regent Restaurant cost RM433. We had the birthday noodles, sharkfin's soup, steamed fish, lemon chicken, prawns with egg (like butter prawns), vegetables with mushroom, fried rice (yummy) and japanese taufu cooked like claypot style.

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