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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sick after the Mt Kinabalu Climb.

During my recent trip to Mt Kinabalu, the team leader, had a bad cough. Most of the time he coughed without covering his mouth, thus spreading all the germs to everyone near him. By the end of the trip, I started coughing. Well, I didn't drink much water while I was up in the mountains due to the fact that the yellow drinking water they served up there didn't agree with my body system. Those who knew me would know that once I started coughing, it would take like more than a month to recover.

We came back on Sunday, 6th of July. I did the accounts for the Kinabalu trip and emailed to the rest of the team on Monday. I wanted to get it over and done with.

Tuesday, my cough was beginning to irritate me. and I felt... sick. The team leader was concerned. He went to GH to get a bottle of cough mixture for me.
I had classes on Wednesdays. I went for the morning classes but felt too ill to go for the afternoon one. I slept instead. I was feeling hot all over.

On Thurday, I went to church for a while and got some work done. I still felt unwell.

On Friday the fever came again and I slept most of the day.

On Saturday (afternoon), I thought I should go out and get some fresh air... no matter how sick I felt. I went to Rachel's house... and slept.

I ran out of cough mixture and I missed the church service on Sunday. :(

On Monday, 1 week later, I felt much better... I started blogging about my Kinabalu adventure. :)

I'm still coughing very badly now... wonder when I'll be free from it...


Unknown said...

Ai yoh...means if you do not recover soon, i will need carry the guilt around for sometime...sigh...

Rachel said...

Yeah KG, it's all your fault!!!