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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The 3rd Twin

Has anyone read The Third Twin by Ken Follett? It is really very interesting.

Today, I went for a wake service. This is the 3rd day they had the wake but it seemed very much like the first day. There were so many people, more than a hundred each day, who came to support Bro Chow and his family. Truly Aunt Mary had been a blessing to many, including me.

After the service, many stayed back and chit chat with old friends and acquaintances. My mom were introducing all her daughters and in-laws to many of her childhood friends. Someone pointed at me and asked, "Who's that?" in Cantonese. My mom replied, " Oh, this is my 3rd daughter." The man said,"She looks so much like my 2nd daughter.. her face, features.. etc". I couldn't catch some Cantonese words but from his hand actions I knew that I really really looked like his 2nd daughter.

Oh, well, the 3rd twin, I thought to myself. :)

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