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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post Climb Dinner

KG was more or less in charged of organising the post climb dinner. Initially, we wanted to have it on the 16th of August, but KG himself couldn't make it. Then we postponed it to the 23rd. Those who came were - the Tan sisters, KG and family, Chan and SK, Peter and Helen, Gan and Pat,Hendry, William, Francis and family.

The dishes were cooked by Helen, Francis (his maid), SK, Pat and my mom.

After dinner, the group presented KG and I a gift each to thank us for organising the Mt Kinabalu climb.

This was my gift. A beautiful pink bible. Some of them didn't know what it was, and when they open the bible.. they exclaimed " ai yoh... the words are so small, can read ah?" I was like ... hellllooooo.. I haven't reached THE age yet.

Can read right? Words are small but readable. :)

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