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Friday, August 22, 2008

Shopping and Dining

We went to Mid Valley today. FYI, August is the best month to start shopping for christmas presents. When reached MV at about 10.30am, my sister and I started looking for food. Something cheap, filling and yummy. We stumbled into this food court in "The Gardens" basement.

My first impression was.. the place don't look so appealing... then we realised that this may be the worker's food court. We had "mee hoon and mee campur" with sambal. We took as much as we wanted and it only cost RM1.00. So cheap!!!!!

Just before we began our shopping expedition, we went to this expensive fruit juice drink shop called "New Zealand Natural". We tried this shop's fruit juice before while we were in Singapore. It cost SGD4.00 for a big cup. It was all fruits and no water or ice added. We like it so much that we thought, hey let's try it here too.

Our first taste... wah... so diluted... they added water and the cup is small. It cost RM10.90. I think next time I go Pasar Malam I want to buy 30 green apples for RM10.00 and 1KG of Australian carrots for RM4.00 then extract the juice out and make my own natural fruit juice.

The mooncake festival is coming soon. As usual, many companies set up their "stalls" to sell their brand. The mooncake packaging is getting more and more interesting.

We shopped till almost 5pm, then we left Mid Valley. When we exited the building, we saw the parking signboard in Mid Valley.

Red meaning FULL. Wow! So many people in Mid Valley.

Later I made dinner plans with some of my friends. We had Japanese food at the Klana Resort (used to be called Allson Klana Resort). Some of the set meals are at 50%. Yup, it's the Merdeka month.

MinChee started chatting with the chef and later he gave us free desserts. Self made taufu (soya) and laichi.

After dinner, Mctc and I went to meet some friends at A&W for ice-cream. The guys ordered ice-creams and burgers. I was too full to eat anything else.

It was a long long day and I'd made plans for the next day to go for morning walk with RW at 6.45AM.

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