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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August08 shopping in KL

We are not a TV addicts nor are we fans of the Olympic games. My sister and I went to KL today MAINLY to change some electronic gadgets at Low Yat Plaza and to shop for cloth materials along Jalan TAR. My parents came along with us thus missing some "live" sports on Astro. My mom prayed for guidance and safe journey when we hit the north-south highway. We didn't know how to get to either destination, so we just followed the signboard and hoped it'd lead us to one of them.

It had to be God's guidance because whenever there was a decision to turn or to keep on going straight, we found that we made the right choice. We only made 1 error, but that was because I was so certain that we could get to Sogo using the Jalan Raja Laut route. In the way, we could because Jalan Raja Laut would eventually lead to Jalan TAR. Anyway, we wasted some minutes at Jalan Raja Laut. We parked the car and told my parents that we would go to Low Yat Plaza and and meet them later.

My sister and I went to the STAR LRT station at Masjid Jamek to find out the fastest way to the Bukit Bintang Station. Seeing that we had to change trains at the Bukit Nenas station, we opted to walk, or rather, I suggested not to take the LRT as we could get to Low Yat faster by walking. We took about 18 minutes to get to Low Yat from the Masjid Jamek Station.

We spent nearly 3 hours at Low Yat Plaza and time ourselves when we walked back to the Masjid Jamek LRT station. We took 22 minutes and I told my sister it was because we had a heavy lunch. :)

We met my parents at Nagoya, a textile shop along Jalan TAR. We bought some cloth to make curtains, bags, etc. Then we went o Kamdar, another textile shop. It was way more expensive than the Nagoya textile shop.

Just outside Kamdar, we saw many pigeons on a patch of grass. It was as though they were having a gathering of some sort and weren't bothered at all by human traffic and vehicle fumes.

Later we went to into the SOGO shopping complex to shop.

I introduced the "Kampung Boy Kopitiam" at the basement level in the shopping complex to my parents. The food there are reasonable cheap. A cup or tea or coffee (with milk) cost RM1.20 and a pack of mee-hoon cost RM1.50. The mee-hoon was really delicious.

We left SOGO at 6.15pm. It wasn't a good time to leave the city because we would get stuck in the heavy traffic. But well, we did and we weren't sure of the fastest way home, so we had to rely on signboards again. We snapped pictures of the KL tower and the Petronas Twin towers while we were in the car stuck in the jam.

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