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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fairy Park...guess what it is?

Today, they cremated Aunt Mary's mortal body. Many came and some took time off to attend the service. Again, there were more than a hundred friends and relatives who came for this service. They even hired a bus to take some of the people to the crematory.

The crematory was held in Fairy Park, Sendayan, a fairly new cemetery, judging from the empty burial plots.

This is the entrance to Fairy Park.

Buddha statues all lined up to greet you.

This is the crematory. It's fully air-conded, so unlike if a person were to be buried, especially under the hot sun. I thought of bringing a hat, but since it's going to be cremated, I thought.. ai yah... no need lah.

So many people came for the burial (cremation) service and witness the coffin going in the furnace. Bro Chow was calm throughout the whole funeral.

Later we had lunch at Wing Heong Restaurant in Loop Road provided by the family.

This whole week belongs to Aunt Mary. She passed away on Sunday, and was cremated today, Thursday. I must say this of her... she was always smiling, always wanting to help others despite of her 73 years of age, a truly wonderful and capable woman who was not afraid of anything, who knew that God was ALWAYS with her and no one can convinced her otherwise.

She died so suddenly without warning. Life is so short. We never know when we will be called back.

I asked a few people this question.. "When you die, do you prefer to be buried or cremated?"
I would very much like to be buried, but if it's too expensive or troublesome, I don't mind being cremated too.

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hockthai said...

Remembrance and prayers for your aunt and her family.