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Monday, August 18, 2008

One LONG day of ...

no.. not shopping.

Tusi came over to my house to help me with the housework. She always like my house. On the surface it look so nice and clean, but I guess she may have changed her mind while removing the dust off the ceiling fans, windows or the many speakers in my house... or..

She started at 6.15AM cleaning the kitchen. I woke up an hour later to take over the kitchen part. Then she clean the windows, the ceiling fans, the skirtings all around the house, the... ok, ok... I did my share of work too. I washed every single plates, bowls, cups, spoons and forks and sweep and mop the floor.

At 1.45pm we had lunch. I COOK okay, not Tusi... hehe.

Then we continue upstairs. Tusi started with the room windows. She commented that there were so many windows in my house, even more than my mom's house. I don't think so. Probably she was sick and tired of cleaning windows. While she did the windows, I cleaned the ceiling fans. Then she washed the balcony then later wipe the tables, etc. Then we sweep and mop the floor.

All in all, we worked non stop for almost 11 (me) or 12 (Tusi) hours. I still had a lot to do after she went back, but I was just too lazy. Thank God for Tusi. She has been a blessing to our family.

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