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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Been busy scrapping...

What have been busy with lately...scrapbooking... :)

It was a time-consuming and expensive hobby; a type of craft my sister introduced to me in the year 2003. Back then I was really reluctant to spend so much on acid-free materials. I used wrapping papers and thick cardboards. After a while I compared my scrap pages with my sister's. Hers was so much nicer and attractive. To lure me into buying acid-free papers, she gave me some of her "I'm-not-going-to-use" papers. After a while I decided to choose my own acid-free papers and started buying acid-free stuff from America. My little collection grew and now I've so many papers, stickers, embellishment and other acid-free stuff that I thought, hey, I need to use them, not collect them!!!

Those who know me would know that I spend a long time just creating 2 pages of memories. If I had 2 hours of free time, I would choose to read a book or .. yeah... read a book. I wouldn't start or continue a scrap page. My sister, on the other hand, could finish 2 or 4 pages of scrap page in 2 hours. She would think of ways not to spend more that necessary time for a scrap page and yet manage to show her creativity in that page. I always wondered how she did it. She did tell me that most of her layouts were copied from various scrapbook magazines and she would modify a little to suit her photos. I was like... uh...um.... how to copy? We don't have the same pattern paper or embellishment... etc.., how on earth can our scrap page be as nice as the ones in the magazines? Oh well.... I think I'm not good at copying. :(

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