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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day out with RW

We went to Lake Gardens today. We started walking at 6.45. I felt the first drop of light rain at about 7.20am. We only walked 3 rounds but the skies looked threatening. So we left for breakfast, then bathe at my parents place. RW had a facial appointment at 10AM. I met her later and we went to Jusco. She had an appointment at the hair saloon at 1PM. I continued my christmas shopping from yesterday.

At 3pm we ate at Hongkie Kopitiam. Food wasn't that good. I had fried spaghetti with black pepper sauced pork and RW had rice with tenderloin something. The name of the dish was too long to remember.

We went back at 4.30pm. I had to check if my mom needs my help for the post-climb dinner tonight.

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