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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bee Museum, Malacca

We asked directions from someone at the Mini Malaysia's counter on how to get the the Bee Museum. Although it was just across Mini Malaysia, Rachel decided to drive there because it was drizzling.

Once again, Brian and Sze-En, our models took their places and stood beside the big bee for us to take their pictures.

No entrance fee charges and we were blessed with a tour from one of the workers there. I was too busy taking pictures of the display while the employee gave an explanation on each display to the kids.

Real live honey bees. I was a bit scared to go near it but I really want to take pictures of the bees busy at work. I put my hand which holds the camera, as near as possible and took a picture of what's inside the box. It's a pity, the bees were so black and so many that the picture looked as if it was badly taken. Well, maybe it was badly taken.... haha. There was a hole outside the box for the bees to go in and out.

At the end of the tour we were allowed to sample 7 kinds of honey - 3 of them are Pure honey (Asli), 1 procolis honey (good for cough), 1 royal honey (general health), 1 mixed with vinegar for slimming purposes and the last one um.... for the senior citizens.

We spent about 20 minutes here before heading to our final destination - the Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, also known as the Butterfly Farm.

Here's a very short video clip of the busy honey bees.

Excursion date : 19 March 2009, Thursday.


ann said...

do you have the name / telephone of the bee farm, Pls?

Unknown said...

hi, I am Chelsea here from bee museum malacca. Now we are moving to besides butterfly park, For more information can contact my office 06-2330887/06-2331536