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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kuantan River Cruise, Pahang

Road Trip to Kuantan - 27 March 2009 - Day 1

We rushed from Taman Gelora to Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) where we could get the tickets for the river cruise. We shouldn't have rushed. We should have stayed and enjoy Taman Gelora for another 40 minutes.... because when we reached MPK the gate was closed.

It was so frustrating. Another at least 45 minutes of wasted time.

It was a hot day. We waited fand waited and waited...We also enjoy the view of this river front. They made it so beautiful, with sidewalks for people to walk on and palm trees standing prettily in a row to provide shade.

Come 2.34, we purchased our tickets and at 3.07pm (according to the time in my camera), we stepped into the ferry. The price of the ticket is RM15 per person( and minimum 5 people). There were 4 of us, (Minch, Rach, Mctc and ) and a Scottish couple on this cruise.

We were given a like-jacket each to wear for safety reasons.

Kuantan without the last "N". We saw some workers fixing the "N".

And off we went..

We saw an eagle...

And more eagles...

And boats... all kinds of coloured boats.

I said this earlier and I will say it again now... It was a HOT day. The sun was shinning so brightly. It was a perfect day for a cruise. The sky was so blue, the clouds so white... the river...sometimes greenish sometimes brownish..

2 boats near the open sea.

The open sea, where the Kuantan river meets the South China Sea.

Kuantan state mosque.

An otter... we saw an otter. We were so excited. As usual its back is facing us. :(

A monitor lizard.

We asked the guide what were the sticks for. My memory's bad, but I think she said that they were some prawn trappings below and the sticks indicated where the trappings were.

We saw Mr Crocodile.

We had a 20-minute break here mainly to admire the mangroves growing wild in the jungle.

A long boardwalk allowed us to walk through the jungle to have a closer look at the trees.

A tower, which we didn't climb. I now regret not climbing up to have a good view of the whole area. But then, I was the last person because I was too busy taking pictures and I had to walk a little quicker every now and then to catch up with the others.

This is probably the only picture we took where all 4 of us are in it. Take a look at the piles of sand made by crabs (according to the guide).

A panoramic view of the mangroves. Beautiful yet ugly... You have to see it for yourself. The pictures I took didn't do justice to what I really saw.

River houses. I assume, they belonged to the fishermen.

A bird... err.. it's a bird. I'm very bad with names.. :)

And here we are again, back to the MPK jetty again.

What a nice 1 and a half hour boat ride. My face was red from the sun. Yes, the ferry was shaded but occasionally I had to be out in the sun to take pictures. FYI, I took more than 300 pictures in this short ride. :)

You know, we forgot to use the stop lock Rach bought last month. I guess we thought that Kuantan was quite safe...


korpun said...

I spotted White-bellied Sea Eagles and Little Egret! Otters, lizards, crocodiles... COOL!

euniceta said...

Korpun, you should have a chat program so that I could ask you whenever I needed help on the names of the animals. Sigh...