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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mini Asean, Malacca

Less than 3 years ago, Nov 13, 2006 to be exact, I brought an American here (my friend was working and she asked if I could bring her American friend to Malacca) to Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean. Mini Asean is just next to Mini Malaysia (entrance fee now is RM12 for adults and RM6 for children), you don't have to pay additional to enter into Mini Asean.

The kids willingly allowed us to take their pictures. Brian was so shy when Sze-En put her arms around him. They are at this stage where kissing and hugging are yucky..

A suspension bridge.. wow... this is new. The kids loved it.

And a restaurant and pool. This is new too. Suddenly I was looking forward to the houses in Mini Asean.

Apart for a bunch of school children we saw in Mini Malaysia and a youth group having some activities in Mini Asean, the place looked deserted. Hmmm... I wonder why...

A long walk to the first house...

Houses shown here are Singapore (top left) and Laos. It wasn't well kept. The condition of the houses were bad. The Singapore house stinks, according to Sze-En. Wild plants grew outside the houses and inside the cracks of the pathway indicating that the whole place was under maintained.
After seeing the bad condition of the Singaporean house, I changed my mind on wanting to see more of the other Asean houses.

Myanmay house. We dare not enter because it looked spooky. When I wanted to go in to take some pictures, Tusi cautioned me saying that there could be ghosts (she used another word for it) living inside.

Vietnam house. Also very spooky. The front part was broken and the management didn't bother to fix it up.

Brunei. Nope, we didn't enter this house too.

Something new here. It looks fun. They may have built this to attract more youths I think. We saw a group of youths having a treasure hunt in this place (Mini Asean).

Filipino house. Too lazy to enter the building.

We saw the Thailand house, but forgot to take a picture of it. We saw the signboard but our minds were thinking we had to get out of this place. The picture above it the Indonesian house. Even Tusi (who is an Indonesian) did not want to go in.

We come to the suspension bridge again. Sze-En and Brian looked at it longingly till Aunt Rachel gave her permission to walk across the bridge and back again. On the bridge were the youths from the Treasure Hunt crowd.

Back to the entrance of Mini Malaysia. Sze-En kept wanting to get off from this place because she wanted to eat ice-cream. She spotted some shops just before entering Mini Malaysia.

Both Brian and Sze-En bought a toy each from the shops there, but they didn't get any ice-cream because the food shop didn't have the type of ice-cream they wanted.

I think Mini Malaysia/Asean was quite a boring place for them because they wanted to go elsewhere after that. Sze-En spotted a bee museum just opposite Mini Malaysia, and asked if we could bring them there.

Next blog is on the bee museum....

Excursion date : 19 March 2009, Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, do you have Mini Europe there too?

euniceta said...

I don't see Malaysia among the Europe countries in my map.... :)

Anonymous said...

I was just curious what kind of house we Finns would have in Mini Europe :)