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Monday, March 2, 2009

My Sister Painted Me a Snob

Two weeks ago, an old school mate of mine rang my sister to say that she was getting married and would like to know how to send the invitation card to her. My sister said that she needn’t send a card and an email would do just fine.

I didn’t receive a call from her and I thought perhaps during our school days, I wasn’t as popular as my sister and so she had forgotten about me.

Two days ago on my ex-class mate’s wedding day, my sister told me that our friend had indeed invited me for her wedding dinner but she (my dear sister) declined the invitation on my behalf and gave one or two reasons for it.

I shook my head and thought to myself… no wonder many people think that I’m a snob.

Anyway, I’m kinda glad that she declined the invitation on my behalf because I’m basically an introvert. Something unexpected came up that night too. I had to accompany someone to the hospital at 10.30pm and only left the hospital at 1.30am.


Anonymous said...

Never thought of you as a snob. Guess your sis had her reasons and she knows you very well to guess that you wouldn't have wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I don't recognise the meaning of the word "snob". As far as I know - it can't be related with you!