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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old Mouse Vs New Mouse

My 1st mouse breathed its last a few weeks ago and I was forced to look for another one. Can't live without my mouse, you know. :) I knew that when Mctc bought his laptop last year, he also bought a new mouse and his free-with-the-laptop-mouse was not in use.

Happily I asked him for his spare mouse.

This mouse belongs to Mctc. It looks exactly like my original mouse, except that mine was a Sony. Now this mouse is very sensitive. Let's say I click on a picture icon and at least 3 of the same pictures will appear. It's so frustrating.
After using it for a few days I could not tahan (stand it) anymore, I asked someone who planned to go to a computer shop in PJ to get me a reasonably-priced mouse.

And this is what she got for me. It's really nice to look at but it's unusable. It's so hard to click and I practically have to use my whole arm to move the mouse. Try playing a game of Free Cell and by the time you are done, you will be so tired out.

And so, I reverted back to Mctc's mouse for the time being till I get another mouse.


Ruth said...

Can try to dis-assemble and re-assemble it and see if it works better

@nne said...


I'll try to get another!

euniceta said...

I don't think so Ruth.. but then, I haven't tried doing that yet.