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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crystal Mining

During last Saturday's Kidz Safari event, Sze-En exchanged 60 tokens for this prize - A crystal mining set. She had to obtained 60 tokens and her mind was set not on the MP3 player but on this prize.

I guessed the prizes were motivating them to play the games. That's bad. Like as they laboured for their toys!!

The next day, after dinner, Sze-En asked me to be involved in mining crystals. I was so lazy but made an effort to help her with the mining.

She started of with opening the package and "setting the mine" up. Since she had done 5 other minings in the previous year, she knew what needed to be done. She asked me to get some newspaper so that we wouldn't dirty grandma's floor.

She started of with banging her plastic hammer onto the "clay mine". Based on previous experience, it would have taken her days and grandpa's real hammer to get the stones. So she asked me and later Uncle Michael to help with the mining while she dust the clay and supervised our work.

Soon we were able to get all the crystals out from the "mine". The were supposed to be only 8 stones, but we dug out 10. Either the crystals broke while we were trying to get them out, or there was really 10 of them buried in the clay brick.

I went home feeling glad that I had spent some time with Sze-En. The poor girl was all alone because her cousin Brian had gone to visit Mae-Z (another cousin) in KL.

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