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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kuching, Sarawak - Day 2

We woke up early to get to church by 6.45am. We went to an Anglican church ...way different from the church we usually attend back home.

When the service was over, we looked for a restaurant to have our breakfast.

Fortunately, we met a couple of girls and they told us where we could have the famous Sarawakian laksa and the kolo mee. Then we went to the Indian Street (Jalan India) to look for the Sarawakian laksa paste. Unfortunately they don't sell them here anymore.

From there we walked along the Kuching waterfront to get back to our hotel. The children, Esther and I had a chance to go for a short ride on the riverboat.

We reached the hotel at about 10.30am. It was still so early. At the reception area, my mom asked a person by the name of Margaret (she was handling the snacks corner) about the attractions of Kuching and subsequently reached to the topic on food. My mom was looking for a good cup of coffee. This lady was so kind to tell us where to get real authentic Chinese coffee.

She drew us a map and it looked quite near and all the aunties were excited. They immediately left the hotel to go to this coffee shop. Esther and the children decided not to go. My dad asked us to go ahead first and he'll come later. We have to pass TopSpot (the blue/green building where we had our dinner the night before) and it took us about 15 minutes to get to the coffee shop. As soon as I reached the shop, my dad called up to ask for directions. I roughly told him the directions and said that I would meet him at the MAS building. I told him that the coffee shop was next to the Grand Continental Hotel.

Aunt Chris ordered a bowl of Sarawak laksa. She wasn't satisfied with the one she had for breakfast. By the time my dad and I reached the shop, Aunt Chris had already finished her bowl of laksa and she was ordering some nyonya dumplings. I ordered my teh-si (Tea with evaporated milk). The nyonya dumplings were very good... and cheap. It cost only RM1.20. Over in Seremban, these dumplings may cost up to RM3.00.

My mom said that the coffee was not up to her expectations.

By 11.30am, the stalls started cleaning up. It seems that they open for breakfast only.

At about 11.50am we started walking back to our hotel. My mom saw a shop selling chicken rice and thought of Sze-En. It was almost lunch time and knowing that Sze-En love chicken rice, she bought a pack for her. Aunt Chris brought one for Brian too.

Walking back under the hot sun. The aunties were complaining that they had to walk so far. On the was back to the hotel they saw SALE signs all over a Bata shoe shop. I told them that I would bring the food back for the kids so that they could do some shopping.

Back at the hotel, Sze-En and Brian happily wallop the chicken rice and Esther made them drink water before we took them out for shopping.

And what's this? Statues of cats in the middle of the street.

Adorable cats statues.

We went for shopping at the Tun Jugah and Sarawak Plaza. Um.. there weren't many people in both shopping malls. Not sure why...being Sunday and all..

Esther and I didn't have our lunch yet and so we had nasi lemak and pasta each. The kids had ice-creams. They weren't hungry because they had chicken rice earlier on.

With nothing lined up for the evening, Esther and I took the kids to the waterfront to burn off their excess energy.. :)

The weather was hot.. but at least we were not cooped up in the room..

Sze-En and Brian posing for the camera.

There were some traders selling mostly jewelery made out of beads and other souvenirs.

It was soon time to get back to our hotel to check what my parents and aunties were up to.

The door's not fully closed in one of the rooms. Ah.. they are playing card games again. :)

At night, we went to Topspot again. Yeah... we don't know where else to go. Anyway, there were a lot of shops to choose from and so we went to one called Topspot Seafood which is in the middle of the row of shops.

We had mix veg, Foo Yong Tan (Seremban egg), the paku pakis vege, oyster, tofu and boneless chicken meat. The aunties preferred the first shop's food. I thought the food was fine. I'm not that fussy I guess. :)

Since the day before we didn't get the chance to walk in front of the waterfront at night, we thought that we should, well... walk, especially after having our dinner.

The humidity was high and pretty soon what all the aunties wanted to do was to go back to the hotel and take a good shower.

Back in the hotel, after bathing my parents and the aunties were waiting for each other to call. All of them wanted to play card games but no one called. So they ended up sleeping early. We have already agreed that we would sleep in the next day and meet at 9.30am for breakfast.

The 2nd cockroach in my room. I couldn't reach the ceiling so I just left it alone. Pretty soon it disappeared. I remembered sleeping with the fear of cockroaches crawling all over my face.

What a way to end the day with this thought. :(

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