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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping at MV After the Sale Is Over

Yesterday was my last day home alone and what did I do? I went shopping at Mid Valley in KL. The sale was until the day before and to go to Mid Valley just for shopping during a non sale day was not really a waste of time. Somehow, sales season or not, some shops will still have sales. I went with 2 of my good friends and the reason why they chose MV was because one of them wanted to eat at Kim Gary. We went there just in time for lunch. I wasn't hungry at all and so I told them to go ahead and have their lunch while I shopped.

I went to Carrefour first. Sometimes they have good bargains. Like the one time I was there and got a B&D Drill with accessories for only RM49.90 (USD 14.20 or EURO 10).

It was so cheap. Suspiciously, I asked the staff of Carrefour what was wrong with this gadget and why were they selling it so cheap. The reason was, they wanted to bring in new stock (orange colour) and the had to get rid of the old ones. Later I checked the new stocks and they cost close to RM200 without the accessories.

There was another time I bought a volleyball net for only RM 10 (USD 2.85, EURO 2.00),which I grabbed and paid immediately and later they pushed the price down to RM3.00 (USD 0.85, EURO 0.60) and I also bought the 2nd net. Why did I buy it? Because it was cheap!!! (Later we used them for Kidz Safari in May08).

So, did I find anything interesting in Carrefour?

Yup, I did. 2 books, each cost RM5.00 (USD 1.42, EURO 1.00). They weren't well-known authors but at least I have something to read other than my weather book that I am currently reading now.

Then I went to MPH and Borders, but didn't get anything there because the book which I wanted to buy did not have a discount.

At almost 3pm, I started feeling hungry and wandered over the food garden just next to Borders.

This was what greeted me.. Poufs that spelt FOOD GARDEN. A very unique entrance I must say. I love it. I didn't eat my lunch there. Instead I bought a bun from "The Bread Story". I just wanted something light.

After that, I met up with my friends again and had this :-

"Gui Lin Ko" (herbal jelly) and "liong cha" (herbal drink). I haven't eaten Gui Lin Ko from this authentic shop for such a long time. It cost me 2 plates of Won Tan Mee, but it was worth it.

We left KL just before 5pm. It was a good 3 hours plus shopping. Later we went to Tesco Seremban to shop again.

I really love shopping. :)

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