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Thursday, June 4, 2009

London, Here I come!

Hey, what's this? Some London brochures lying on the table. Is somebody trying to send me a message? Should I pack my bags now? Gosh! I've never been to London before. Oh boy, oh boy, I get to meet the Queen. What shall I say, what shall I wear? Should I start practising my curtsy now?

Wait, when am I going? (Checking the flight details.....).. Um.. where's my name? (Frantically searching for my name..). Oh... err.. my name's not there. Mctc is going with someone else. Help, my heart can't take it.. I need to sit down.

Got to call my lawyer. Oh, can't do that either. Mctc's going with him. Sigh! This is too much. I need a plan.


steve said...

MCTC is ditching u for lawyer to see the Queen!!! LOL!

Anyway,u went Ledang without him. Fair la!

Christina said...

It's payback time Fong. Use to be U go I stay, now it's U stay I go. Looks like the trip to OZ was the begining of more oversea trips. Well done MCTC!!! Is he still seriously deciding to come stay here for good or is he scouting around other countries first? ha... ha...

Anonymous said...

Err, why not hide yourself in his suitcase... It would be a happy surprise in London, well - at least a suprise :)

euniceta said...

Steve - London is SO different from Ledang!!!

Christina - He loves Australia. Let's see what he says about London when he gets back. :)

Korpun - A surprise can be pleasant or nasty. I'm not sure what it would be if I turned up in his suitcase. Probably the latter one. :(