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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday Morning in Kuching, Sarawak

We attended the 6.45am church service in St Thomas and it ended about 8.05am. Breakfast was on our minds as soon as we came out of the church. Most of us didn't have proper breakfast because we didn't want to get up earlier to have a good meal.

We were supposed to meet Rach's friend for breakfast but he was down with flu. Left alone, we didn't know where to go and so we asked a couple of church goers who were kind enough to lead us to a restaurant. We had to walk further away from our hotel, but since it was still SO early, we didn't mind at all.

We saw our first live cat on the way to breakfast. Someone said that if you want to see cats in Kuching, you'll have to go to the Cat Museum because you can't find any cats in Kuching. So, there you go, our first live cat lying arrogantly on a sidewalk.

The two girls brought us to this shop and told us we could get the the Sarawakian laksa and the Kolo mee here. These two noodles were famous in Sarawak.

My dad and I had Kam Pua noodles. Something like Kolo noodles but the Kam Pua noodles are thicker.

Sze-En had Kolo noodles.

My mom had her Kolo noodles custom made. She wanted black soy sauce and some vege.

Esther and Aunt Chris had the Sarawakian laksa. They said it didn't meet their expectations at all. I can't remember what Aunt Annie and Brian ordered.

After breakfast, we went to look for the Sarawakian Laksa paste. Some of our friends asked us to help them to buy since we were in Sarawak.

The locals said that we could find them in the Indian Street.

So we walked a little further to get to this street.
We didn't find any but we found some some very nice designed Sarawakian T-Shirts here.

My mom, Aunt Annie and Aunt Chris took a long time to choose the T-Shirts. The weather was good.. not hot at all and we waited patiently for them to buy their stuff.

We went back using the waterfront way route but was delayed because... check the next post out. :)

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