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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A surprise for me!

Every Friday night after cell meeting, we have a time called fellowship. This involves food brought by one of the cell members. Most of the time it's "tai chow"... usually fried rice, hokkien mee, "cantonese yin yong" or "yee meen". Sometimes it's porridge, "ham chim pank", pau, sandwiches or fruits.
Once in a while we have left overs and depends on what was leftover, some of us will "ta pau" (pack) home.(Hmm.... this sounds very Malaysian.. "ta pau home", or "bungkus balik"). If no takers, the host and hostess, Dr Peter Yeow and Aunty Yeow are left to deal with it. Usually Aunty Yeow will put them in containers and refrigerated them. They always ask us to take back the leftovers and my standard reply was... I will put it in the fridge and 1 week later it would go into the rubbish bin. My reason being... I don't have a microwave oven and I'm too lazy to thaw and refry the noodles or rice in the wok. Too much work. (Yes, this is lazy me).

Yesterday we had cell meeting. I wasn't feeling too good, so I called to say I won't be attending cell. Feeling very sleepy even at 7-ish pm, I procastinated. I didn't want to sleep so early. I think sleep is a waste of time. But by 9.30pm, I cannot "tahan" (stand), I went to bed. At 10.30pm, Mctc called, saying he will pack something back for me, and groggily I answered... "no need. I'm sleeping". Then he said something about microwave oven, but I had already tuned off and said goodbye.

Early this morning I woke up and tried to go back to sleep again. It was so difficult, my eyes and brains refused to cooperate. I was wide awake. At 4.20AM, I told myself "FINE! YOU DON"T WANT TO SLEEP, THEN STAY AWAKE, DO SOMETHING USEFUL". So I brushed my teeth and wash my face. Then I went to do some scrapbooking. It took me a while before I remembered the telephone conversation with Mctc last night. I went down to check.

WAH!!!! I saw the microwave oven box. I was excited.

Then I checked the refridgerator. Mctc packed some food home. Looks like fried rice and fried kuey teow. Later he told me that Dr Peter gave it to him last night, saying that there's no excuse not to "ta pau" the left-overs.

At 7AM I went for a hike up at Bkt Kepayang with RW.

This is the first time I noticed what beautiful flowers some hikers planted up at the hill.

It was slightly misty. The air was fresh... except when the cars and motorbikes passed by us.

The beautiful flowers. I can't help but show you 2 almost similar pictures that I took. They look so lovely.
Don't you agree with me?

Then I notice something else...

Take a good look at the picture. Just above the centre. Looks like there's a faraway kingdom in the sky.

Zoom closer... ai yah... they are just communication towers. Ceh...

I had lunch with Mctc and RW. Then I went home and open my gift. .. the microwave oven... remember?!

Cool eh..

Ok lah, ok lah... I know most of you have microwave ovens at home... but have any of you receive one just for fun? :) (Hah!)

I love it.... now waiting for someone to test it.. just in case it explodes... haha.

Wanna know something else... Ruth gave me her oven too. That was I think, over 2 years ago.

A small but useful oven. It's for baking. I love it too.

Now with 2 ovens (1 for reheating, 1 for baking), my concrete table top looks so untidy. Sigh.. will think of something...


Rachel said...

Show off!!! Hmm... I wonder why I am not getting any "surprised" gifts!!! :(

mfwrachel said...

I don't have anything in KL. Well, I do have a 'helicopter'. So, now, you can have some froozen food and able to heat up. woohoo...